Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being lead by the Lord!

Tuesday afternoon, I came home from running errands and was trying to finish a white scarf I have been working on all week for myself. As I set here working, I kept hearing this little voice telling me to get up and make some cookies. I really didn't have enough stuff in my kitchen to make cookies. My feeling became stronger, so I decided I needed to go buy some supplies and make some cookies. I ended up make 2 batches of "Tea Cakes" and one of Googy Fudge Cookies to take to the Seniors I eat lunch with nearly every week day.

Wednesday morning off I went to deliver cookies. Everyone enjoyed them so much. I can't remember when I have made any cookies, so was surprised they were any good.

Then I went to one of the nursing homes in the town I live in to help with their Christmas Party. It was so much fun. So many people of different age groups, getting so excited about getting Christmas presents and cake, chips and soda. I helped them keep each other's presents separated and then marked them with their name or initials’. It was a lot of fun. One of the residents asked me to help her put on her new necklace and earrings. She was so sweet.

Now today, Thursday, I had to go back to get some more cookie supplies, since I felt the need to make some “Tea Cakes” for my son and his family. Then I got adventures and made them some Poppy Seed Bread. Hopefully I will get to eat a little bit of them also.

Still don’t have my white scarf finished, but have felt so good doing what I have felt lead to do.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cloudy, Rainy, Gloomy Day

Today has been a dreary day. Cold but warmer then the first part of the week. It has been one of those days that you want to sit under a throw, drink hot tea and read a book. Except I have been doing some crocheting, watched a college basketball game and fixed supper. I must say I haven't gotten much done. Have also wanted to take a nap all afternoon, but so far have been able to stay awake.

I have 2 more scarves and hats to do, so something tells me I need to get busy. Plus, I am suppose to have "Radical" read by Tuesday night and have only read a few pages. Think I need to quit goofing off on this cloudy, gloomy, rainy day and put myself to work.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study

We had a good group at Bible study this morning. I have been meeting with a group of ladies at my church for over 5 years. We have done so many great studies. We started Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises by Kay Arthur, November 2, 2010. Today was our first discussion time. I am sure this is going to be an excellent study, but much different than what we have been doing. Kay is introducing us to her Inductive Bible Study method. Am looking forward to seeing what God has instore for me as I explore God’s initiatives with humanity by studying His covenants throughout history.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tonight, I decided to attemp a blog of my own. I have been following several Christian women's blogs for some time now and have been wondering if I could do so myself.

A Holy Experience is one of my favoite. Ann's list of a thousand gift has been making me think I need to start my own list, beginning as she did with #1. This is to be a list of gifts I have received, not of gifts I want.

I also like to read and would like to post comments about the books I read.