Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on--Being lead by the Lord!

In my first post, I didn't mention that at lunch that day several of us were talking about wishing we had some "tea cakes" to sample. The man that was sitting with us had said "If you make some, I will sure help you eat them."

When the Senior Center opened up after the Christmas holiday, I found out this man had fallen on some ice and possibly broken his arm. Things just went from bad to worse with him. He had been in the hospital since and died, February 3.

When I took them that day, he was the first person that got a "tea cake" and he ate it so slowly, enjoying every bite. He ended up eating several more and I wrapped him up some to take home with him.

I am so thankful, that I listened to the Lord that day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to my son!

February 6, 1969--42 years ago--my son came into this world in the biggest rush. He decided that he had been hiding long enough and wanted out of the confinement he was in. From the time of my first contraction until his birth was a little over an hour. The doctor almost didn't make it to the hospital to deliver him. He had pretty, long black hair. The first time the nurses brought him to me, they had styled his hair with the cutiest, girly curl on top of his head. Needless to say, I pushed it down. But it was always back into a curl when they brought him to me. I finally asked them why they kept doing it? Come to find out, he was the only boy in the nursery and he had lots more hair than the girls did. They did have fun brushing and styling his hair.

Today, he is the father of two sons and is now raising them by himself, since his wife of 19 years has walked out of their lives.

This has been a hard couple of weeks for them, but they are taking it a step at a time and know that they can make it. With God on their side, they will make it.